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Having handled hundreds of family law cases, our Nate Jeppsen is experienced in compassionately guiding you through the painful divorce process. While we cannot tell you that you must get an attorney to handle your divorce, we strongly advise you to consult with legal counsel. Divorce issues can be complicated, and the pain and suffering associated with divorce makes good, reasoned decisions almost impossible. Knowing the divorce process and your rights is critical, and failing to be informed can adversely affect you and your children for a lifetime.

Whenever children are involved in any divorce, paternity, or custody modification action, we counsel and advise you on ways to help them through the process and ensure that the orders meet their best interests. We focus heavily on attempting to come to an agreement on these issues. Custody trials are expensive, emotionally draining, and uncertain. The end result rarely satisfies either party or meets the best interest of the children as well as you can by coming up with your own parenting arrangement. There are times when a trial is inevitable because the other party is an unfit parent or refuses to cooperate in working out an agreement that meets the child’s needs. In such cases our experienced attorneys provide straightforward representation and advice to ensure that the Court’s ruling protects your children and meets their best interests.

Whether you are the father of a child or a mother seeking to have the father legally established, you need to be aware that legal fatherhood can only be established by a Paternity action in Court. The Office of Recovery Services can initiate a child support action and require a paternity test. However, these actions give no rights to a father. Our firm can help you get through this confusing process and help you establish custodial and parenting time orders to ensure that your child(ren) have the relationship with you they deserve.

Property, Debt, and Alimony
Before you begin a divorce or legal separation case it is critical to understand how the Court divides property, debts, and awards support. Often clients come to an attorney after they agree to divorce orders and/or the Decree has been signed. It is often very difficult or impossible to set aside these orders or have them modified, and almost always results in higher fees and costs than having the aid of an attorney from the start.

A divorce is one of the most emotionally difficult experiences in life, and our committed attorneys work to ensure that you understand all of your options and that you can make informed decisions that protect your rights and help you to move forward. An attorney can usually tell you what the likely result will be if a judge decides the case as it pertains to property and debt issues. This helps you to understand what you are gaining or giving up in any agreement. We can aid you in drafting agreement proposals that protect your interests and put you in the best position to move on with your life.

Utah is a state that awards alimony on a regular basis, and whether you need support or are defending unreasonable or unwarranted alimony requests, our attorneys can help you to ensure that you are treated fairly, do not waive your alimony rights, and/or do not pay alimony in cases where it is not justified.

While we can never tell you that you need to obtain an attorney on a given case, we always advise potential clients to seek legal advice so that they understand their options and rights prior to moving forward.

Order Enforcement

Compliance with Court Orders
We represent clients who need to enforce a divorce, alimony, custody, or child support order, or who are being sued for non-compliance with such an order. There are many enforcement remedies available including garnishments, tax return turnover, and parenting restrictions that are available in enforcing a support order. In many cases, a prevailing party can seek to have the other party reimburse their attorney fees and court costs in an enforcement action.

Child Support
Children deserve the financial support of both parents based upon their ability to pay. We can help you initiate and complete proceedings to adjust or establish child support to ensure that you are paying a fair amount as established by law. We represent parents who are paying too much because of a change in financial circumstances, as well as parents whose counterpart is not paying his fair amount of support. We also represent clients in child support enforcement cases where a dead-beat parent has failed to pay support.

DISCLAIMER: The Wyoming State Bar does not certify any lawyer as a specialist or expert. Anyone considering a lawyer should independently investigate the lawyer's credentials and ability and not rely upon advertisements or self-proclaimed expertise.