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Grandparent Visitation

Nate Jeppsen is experienced in helping grandparents understand their rights when the parent(s) or guardians of your grandchildren deny contact or visitation. Utah law allows for establishing a visitation order in many (but not all) circumstances. In children who are, or were, living in broken homes with struggling parents, regular parenting time with stable grandparents can be a tremendous benefit to both the child and you. Even if the child is adopted or in state custody, you still may have a right to establish grandparent visitation.

Utah law recently was expanded to allow other family members or close friends to seek visitation orders under many circumstances.

We also represent parents in cases where interference from a third party is not helpful or is unwarranted by law. Oftentimes a parent will not object to the visitation order, but may want advice in drafting an agreement that benefits the child.

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